shiny shit - small/ring bowl

Image of shiny shit - small/ring bowl

Each bowl is bought, gently carried back to my house, washed & then hand drawn/written on. They're allowed to air dry for 24 hours on the floor of my bedroom taking up all the space & probably getting stood on accidentally. Then finally baked in my shitty lil oven to set the ink.

They're all slightly different than the one pictured cos I'm not a robot, alright

Bowl size - 7.5 cm wide at the top x 4 cm base x 3.5 cm high


They're all individually wrapped in bubble wrap & packed in a snug box in hopes they don't get broken by the rough jerks at Australia post. If something happens to your order blame them, not me. I'm too emotionally fragile to be yelled at right now

Wipe clean


All designing, hand drawing printing & packing is done by yours truly at my home/studio in Melbourne, Australia

Postage overseas is RIDICULOUS so these are only available within Australia, soz

If you need your item ASAP look for the express post listing in the shop & add it to your cart

Please allow 3 - 5 days for making on top of postage time as they are all made to order